Monday, December 15, 2008

What Tut Did


What did king Tut do during those ten tears he ruled? Well, let me tell ya, he destroyed the city devoted to the 1 god his brother introduced, he was married to several women, but he had no surviving children. eventually he stayed with one woman, and they lived a happy life until Tut died. Otherwise, nobody has any idea whatsoever. Nope. No idea.

Location of Tut's Tomb

Now, you're thinking, "where did they find king Tut's tomb? Well, they found it in the Valley of the Kings in a hillside. Now, pharaohs are buried with valuables and other crud they'd need in the afterlife, as well as amulets and other gems, so there usually was no theft attempt. NOT! People tried to rob the graves all the time! So their mummies were disturbed and couldn't live their afterlife in peace. Normally, the pharaohs (still alive at the time) would get like, eleventy-gillion-zillion-bagillion people to make a pyramid, which was basically their tomb, so the robbers couldn't find the tomb in the whole darned thing, and gave up. Oh yeah, when a pyramid was going to be built, the people who build them WANTED to lug around 3-ton blocks to build an oversized tomb. ANYWAY, king Tut was buried in the ground instead of in a pyramid. But after, what? 3 and a half thousand years, his tomb was undisturbed, I mean, half a dozen rooms totally jam-packed with gold and jewels!

Tut's Parents

OK, here we go. King Tut was the son of pharaoh Amenhotep III, try spelling THAT every day when you sign papers and other crud, his mother was queen Tiy, and two older brothers, REALLY hard to spell, Ifehnaton, or something like that, and Smenkhesare. I bet they were brutal to Tut, and, get ready, SEVEN sisters! Can you imagine? Seven sisters. o_o

Death of Tut's Parents

2.When his dad, Ameno-whatever-the-third died, so did his mom. So his older bro, Ifehnaton took power. He tried to introduce a new belief of only one god, the sun God, existed, he made an entire city devoted to that God and he never left. The Egyptians didn't like the new belief, so they hated him and possibly, ummm, hunted him down and, umm, got rid of him. So Tut was all that was left of his... WONG-CHONG, dynasty, and became king Tut. The reason this blog is called KING TUT'S STRANGE LIFE/NAME, is because his name is DEFINITLEY hard to spell, Tutankhamun, TOOT-ONK-UH-MOON, some people say it TOOTEN-CAHMEN, wich sounds like tooten's coming. Poor kid.

Rise to Power

ANYWAY, his "ADVISOR", yeah let's go with that, "advised" him to destroy the city his brother built, so he did! He got to rule for ten years, awesome right? Then he died. How did he die? Well he could have been murdered by a blow to the head, his advisor, or natural causes wich would be strange because he was 19 when he died. That would stink, right? So Tut's dead and his "advisor" became Pharaoh.

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