Monday, December 15, 2008

Death of Tut's Parents

2.When his dad, Ameno-whatever-the-third died, so did his mom. So his older bro, Ifehnaton took power. He tried to introduce a new belief of only one god, the sun God, existed, he made an entire city devoted to that God and he never left. The Egyptians didn't like the new belief, so they hated him and possibly, ummm, hunted him down and, umm, got rid of him. So Tut was all that was left of his... WONG-CHONG, dynasty, and became king Tut. The reason this blog is called KING TUT'S STRANGE LIFE/NAME, is because his name is DEFINITLEY hard to spell, Tutankhamun, TOOT-ONK-UH-MOON, some people say it TOOTEN-CAHMEN, wich sounds like tooten's coming. Poor kid.

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